Bourbon Barrel-Aged Chardonnay from 1000 Stories

On the heels of its third consecutive IMPACT “Hot Prospect” commendation, 1000 Stories—an early catalyst of the skyrocketing spirits barrel-aged (SBA) wine category—has introduced the category’s first ultra-premium Chardonnay, a rich and flavourful white wine aged in bourbon barrels.

The SBA space burgeoned last year to $120 million in annual sales, with ultra-premium clocking an impressive growth rate of 68 percent. 

With this latest release, 1000 Stories continues its category leadership, fusing America’s favorite varietal and a track record of winemaking that wins accolades with the remarkable character arising from aging wine in charred bourbon barrels.

1000 Stories built a name for itself bringing together the adventurous roots of California winemaking with the genuine Americana of Kentucky’s storied bourbon culture.

In its latest chapter, 1000 Stories has answered the resounding call for expanded SBA offerings, delivering another classic California varietal boldly reimagined for the craft spirits enthusiast.

The release of the pacesetting brand’s next winning wine builds on the success of its game-changing Zinfandel—one of the world’s original bourbon barrel-aged wines—and subsequent fan favorites, Gold Rush Red and Prospectors’ Proof Cabernet Sauvignon. 

“Like the red blend category before it, spirits barrel-aged wines have captivated consumers,” said Rachel Newman, Director of Marketing for 1000 Stories. 

“In fact, if spirits barrel-aged wine was its own varietal, it would be the fastest-growing segment in the market today, outpacing all other top varietals combined, including Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc.

“1000 Stories has been a quality leader in this space from the outset, and with this latest release continues to deliver an ever-expanding collection of bold and acclaimed offerings.”

1000 Stories 2018 Chardonnay was crafted in batches from a variety of California’s best-known regions, including the cool-climate vineyards of Monterey County. Each sip brings to the fore flavour and texture, as bourbon accents of vanilla and dried herbs augment the baked-apple richness of Chardonnay, layered over a mouthwatering thread of tropical and stone fruits.

“This Chardonnay expanded our own sense of discovery around what is possible in terms of melding great quality fruit with the nuanced notes in our charred bourbon barrels,” said 1000 Stories Winemaker Bob Blue.

“We seek balance in our approach to the bourbon barrels, integrating bourbon character into the blend without overshadowing the fruit profile.

“Ultimately, what we get in the glass is a generous, multi-dimensional wine that tells a great story.”