Cierto Tequila, the 'Worlds Best Tequila'

Cierto Tequila has been crowned the “World’s Best Tequila” at the recent 2020 World Tequila Awards (WTA). 

Cierto Tequila is an authentic, 100% natural “true” tequila made exclusively from healthy, mature highland agave in Jalisco, Mexico. Due to its complexity, character, and incredibly smooth taste.

Cierto Tequila won an additional seven (7) awards this year at the World Tequila Awards. 

The WTA honoured Cierto not only with the ‘World’s Best Tequila’ but also, ‘Best Extra Anejo,’ one Gold medal, two Silver medals, and two Bronze medals this year – far surpassing all other tequila brands. 

With these seven new medals, Cierto Tequila has now won one hundred and eleven (111) international awards and medals since its debut last year. 

Due to its character, complexity and incredibly smooth taste, tequila experts around the globe have called Cierto the World’s Finest Tequila.

Headquartered in London, the World Drinks Awards program is globally recognised for selecting the very best in all internationally renowned styles of drinks. 

As part of the prestigious World Drinks Awards program, the World Tequila Awards select and honour the world’s best tequilas to help consumers and service establishments across the globe. 

A panel of expert judges impartially assess spirits from around the world using rigorous judging standards.