Game of Thrones S8E5: ‘The Bells’ Review

Welcome everyone to my penultimate review of the Season and finally, the Mad Queen has awoken.

I always expected she would turn into her father, but I never imagined she would become worse than him. 

In this week’s episode Daenerys Targaryen rained down hell fire onto babies, children, women and men, even onto her own armies as her temper climaxed. 

At one point I thought that destroying Kings Landing was the only way she could win. 

Yet, a few balls of fire onto the Red Keep was all that was needed, instead she murdered tens of thousands and destroyed the city completely. 

Will she be able to live with this guilt? Normally I would say no, but I think any kindness inside of her has dissolved. 

She’s lost too much, and she will now become a Tyrant like all the ones she swore to destroy. But how long will she be a tyrant? 

In the next episode I suspect Jon Snow will defy her. 

However, his army is no match for hers – especially with Drogon. 

Drogon wiped out the Greyjoy’s, dozens of Ballista Pads and Scorpions, the entire city and 20,000 Golden Company warriors. 

How could a few thousand Northerners match that?

Well, my next prediction is that Jon will almost strain his back in unbending the knee that quickly. 

I think every living character except Grey Worm will stand with him too. 

It’s simple now. Daenerys must die. Which I’m happy about. 

I never wanted her to win and I still stand by my theory of Gendry and Sansa as King and Queen.

If Jon can create an opening for Arya, she can kill Daenerys, take her face and get to Drogon. 

If she achieves this, she can set a trap for the final dragon. 

I could picture Ser Davos camouflaged amongst the ruins at the head of scorpion missile whilst Arya takes the risk in soothing and taming Drogon, wearing the face of the dragon Queen.

Ser Davos, Jon or whoever could send one missile spiralling into the skull, giving them all a fighting chance. 

I want to see Grey Worm in a 1v1 fight, I suspected he would take on the Mountain after the murder of Missandei, but that did not come. 

Maybe now he could face Jon Snow. 

What a fight that would be and considering Jon has barely done anything all season, this could amend for it. 

If this happened, if Drogon was killed, they would stand a chance, but in order to secure victory they would need more troops. 

That is where Dorn comes back into it. 

I mentioned the declaration of the new Dornish Prince in my last article and I’m sure they are going to make an appearance. 

Why have them in the show at all if we are never going to see them? Also, why mention it in episode four, if we’re never going to see them? 

Hopefully we get to see some spear wielding desert troops before long. 

The episode gave us so many deaths this week, yet most were not how I expected.

Game of Thrones, this season, has been slightly predictable to the extent where it doesn’t even feel like Game of Thrones anymore. 

Most of our predictions have been correct whereas normally you cannot ever guess what will happen. 

Jaime and Cersei’s death was hugely disappointing for starters. Jaime had to die in the most heroic way possible and she deserved a rough death. 

Yet a collapsing rock ended them. 

The Golden Company too were all but useless. I understand that no one could stand up to Drogon, but surely, they would not sign a contract to fight a dragon unless they had some clue as to how they would withstand or repel a dragon. 

They were a notorious force, the best apparently, yet their leader ran as soon as his horse fell over, and 20,000 of them that looked more like 500 scattered after the first blast. 

I hope that the finale gives us more answers, I for sure would love to see Bran actually use his gift a bit more. 

I want to see young Ned and young Robert Baratheon on the Trident in his visions, not the same old conversations of characters supping wine. But who knows, maybe its all being saved for this episode. I sure hope so. 

A couple of other little points that I noticed in the show was the horse right at the very end.

I actually laughed when I seen it standing there in the street. Thousands were dying and a horse somehow survived. 

Then I thought, I wonder if that is Bran. He could have warged into the horse in order to get his sister out of the city alive. Possibly, who knows. 

Then something else clicked, I had almost forgotten that he was a warg. 

What if he could warg into Drogon, that would save Jon and the others a lot of trouble would it not? 

The main thing I want to see from our finale is some decent air time on Jon. 

I need less emotional conversation, less kissing aunties and more kicking off. 

I want him to do what has to be done, and when it’s done and the throne is for the taking, I want him to turn it down. 

Imagine all of his followers urging him to take it, then he repeats what he has been saying all season. ‘I don’t want it!’ 

If Jon refuses it, that means there is no Targaryen left to take it. 

So, the next best thing would be the family who ruled previous to Deanery’s invasion, the Baratheons. 

Not the children born of incest and psychotic Kings and Queens after them, I’m talking about the proper Baratheons!

Thanks to Daenerys Gendry is no longer a bastard, she made him Lord of Storms End, but I think Jon will hand him the throne. 

A King must have a Queen however. 

Arya will either die or leave. She will not remain in Westeros if she survives, leaving a very suitable replacement, Sansa Stark. 

Jon will complete the joining of the houses, which Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon planned so many years ago, Sansa will take Gendry’s hand and they will rule together. 

I have mentioned my winners in almost every article I have written, and now with only one episode to go I am super intrigued to see if I am right.

For this week that is all. 

I hope you all enjoyed it, thanks for reading.


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