Hiatus CBD Comes to the United Kingdom

Materia Ventures, a medical cannabis and wellness company focused on the European market, has announced an exclusive license and distribution agreement to bring its premium CBD brand Hiatus to the United Kingdom.

“We’re delighted to bring Hiatus to the United Kingdom as we curate a portfolio of some of the most respected brands in the industry,” said Deepak Anand, CEO of Materia.

“Vape pens are the second largest CBD product segment in the UK1and consumers are placing their trust in companies that do not compromise on safety and quality.

“We believe Hiatus, Feather’s CBD brand, embodies these principles, making it an ideal addition to our portfolio.”

Nick Pateras, Managing Director, Europe at Materia added: “Over a quarter of UK CBD consumers report using vapes as a format, representing a segment worth £80M last year and growing quickly. 

“In light of the serious health issues reported from some off-label products, consumers need to be vigilant in the products they choose.

“Hiatus applies best-in-class practices in producing their innovative hardware and Materia’s formulations adhere to the highest quality standards for manufacturing and testing – making health and wellness the absolute priority.”

Hiatus is a premium brand designed to appeal specifically to sophisticated consumers.

The vaporiser pen is constructed of the highest quality materials and offers an iconic but discrete consumption experience. Hiatus will be offered in three varieties, targeting the largest need states of Rest, Focus and Revive.

The launch will focus on established online distribution channels, subsequently broadening to brick-and-mortar stores as the UK retail environment permits.   

Under the terms of the agreement, Materia will manufacture and attain exclusive rights to market and distribute Hiatus’ CBD disposable pen and cartridge and battery pen technology.