Kengo Kuma Recreates Gaudi in Barcelona Store

Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma, has renovated the Barcelona flagship store for Spanish footwear brand Camper.

The store in Rambla de Catalunya has been revamped by Kengo Kuma & Associates with the use of terracotta plates in a scallop pattern that engulfs the walls of the small store.

Kengo Kuma Recreates Gaudi in Barcelona Store

A spokesman from Camper said: “We believe that each store should have its own personality that infuses our core brand identity with new perspectives.

“From the first store in Barcelona in 1981 to more than 400 stores today, we have always sought to create a shopping environment that is lively and engaging.”

The area in which the store is located is scattered with buildings designed by renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi who acted as an inspiration for the design of the store.

The eye-catching ceramic tiles double up as storage space and display cases for the brands footwear in the style of Catalan Vault which Gaudi was known to be a fan of.

Kengo Kuma Recreates Gaudi in Barcelona Store

Kengo Kuma and Associates described the work it undertook for Camper by saying: “Catalan Vault is a ground-breaking building construction method born in Catalonia, which casts a floor slab with a vault-shaped ceramic board as a formwork, revolutionising the former structure that supported the floor with wooden beams.

“Gaudi is said to have obtained many hints from Catalan vault and in this Catalan vault unit, we designed all shelves, benches and counters to decorate shoes, creating a warm and humane shop unique to Catalonia.”

Kengo Kuma is a professor at the University of Tokyo and is well known for his work on the Suntory Museum of Art in Tokyo, the Bamboo Wall House in China, the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group’s Japan headquarters, Besançon Art Center in France, and one of the largest spas in the Caribbean for Mandarin Oriental Dellis Cay.