Limited-Edition Flavoured Whisky from Crown Royal

Take the sweet, delicious flavour of a fresh Georgia peach and blend it with our famously smooth liquid for this spring’s most anticipated arrival. 

With warmer temperatures on the horizon, Crown Royal welcomes Crown Royal Peach Flavoured Whisky, a limited-edition offering that features the brand’s signature smoothness paired with the sweet and flavourful taste of juicy Georgia peaches.

Whether soaking up the sun at a backyard BBQ or enjoying an impromptu Sunday brunch at the trendiest rooftop patio in town, Crown Royal Peach is an easy-sipping whisky, perfect for spending time with your friends and family. 

Enjoyed on the rocks or mixed with iced tea, each drop of Crown Royal Peach features a touch of vanilla and light notes of warm spice and oak on the nose that complement the whisky’s delightfully juicy flavour. 

“As a leader in the whisky business, Crown Royal continues to take pride in ensuring we are ahead of the trends and creating high-quality products that help feed whisky drinkers’ desire to experiment,” says Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of Whisk(e)y at Diageo North America. 

“Crown Royal Peach is the perfect limited-time offering because the taste is undeniably delicious, great for summertime occasions, on the rocks or mixed with iced tea.” 

Dressed in a glass-cut bottle, Crown Royal Peach Flavoured Whisky (70 proof, 35% Alc/Vol) includes the brand’s signature box and bag. 

The packaging pays homage to the fruit’s vibrancy with a mix of peach and creme hues, embracing the seasonal availability. 

The newest addition to the Crown Royal portfolio will have mouths watering nationally beginning in March at the suggested retail price of $24.99 for a 750-ml bottle.