Martin Dulanto's Topo House

This project is conceived with the premise of minimizing its impact on the environment, looking for the house to be perceived smaller than it really is.

For this, the lower level of the house (which contains the social and service areas) is semi-buried and it is given a rustic and organic treatment, since it is the level that physically relates to nature.

Martin Dulanto's Topo House

While in contrast, the upper level, the one that contains the bedrooms, is considered as a pure block, completely covered in wood, designed as though simply resting on the ground.

The lower level of the building includes a Terrace, swimming pool, living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway and staircase that goes up to the second level.

Martin Dulanto's Topo House

It also features a guest bathroom, service hall, patio, laundry room, service bedroom with closet and bathroom.

On the first level is a staircase that comes from the lower level, living room and storage and a master bedroom with built in closet and a connection to not only the main bathroom but also an en suite.

Bedroom two, three and four also feature a closet with en suite.

Martin Dulanto's Topo House

The building itself is spread across 1871.34m² in Lima, Peru.

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