Mercedes Showcases "Vision Mercedes Simplex" Concept

At Design Essentials 2019, Mercedes-Benz Design is presenting the “Vision Mercedes Simplex”, a sculpture embodying the heritage and future of the luxury brand Mercedes-Benz.

It symbolises the transition to a new era of design/technology and at the same time it is a homage to the historical legacy and the birth of the brand.

In spring 1901 the history of mobility changed radically. At Race Week in Nice a car the like of which the world had never seen appeared on the starting line: a high-performance car which Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft had developed at the suggestion of the visionary Emil Jellinek.

The designs which were the norm back then were still closely related to motorised carriages.

The Mercedes 35 PS, named after Jellinek’s daughter Mercedes, appeared with a completely new vehicle architecture and dominated the competitions in Race Week, which took place on the famous racetrack from Nice to La Turbie, right at the heart of what is now the Mercedes-Benz International Design Center Europe near Nice.

The design is acknowledged as the first modern car and it heralded in a new era.

Nearly 120 years ago the transformation, away from a high motorised carriage to a flat vehicle design with a light high-performance engine installed low down in the frame and a honeycomb radiator organically integrated into the front, was the pioneer of success and role model for all the cars that were to follow, whatever the brand.

The vehicle layout presented for the first time over a century ago remains to this day the technical basis of all cars.

The sculpture “Vision Mercedes Simplex” recalls this historic event and carries the pioneering spirit and the styling characteristics of those days far into the 21st century.

Its message? The passion for luxury and innovation is part of the Mercedes-Benz brand DNA.

This brand DNA gives Mercedes-Benz the strength to set new standards in mobility over again, yesterday, today and tomorrow. At the same time the sculpture shows that Mercedes-Benz is continuing to drive forward the transformation of the car and of mobility as a pioneer.

“Only a brand that is as strong as Mercedes-Benz is capable of the physical symbiosis of history and future,” says Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener.

“The ‘Vision Mercedes Simplex’ symbolises the transformation of the brand-specific luxury of Mercedes-Benz.”