NASA Joins COVID-19 Fight

NASA has joined the fight against COVID-19 with efforts underway across the United States to support and adapt the country’s response to the virus. 

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, said: “NASA’s strength has always been our ability and passion – collective and individual – for solving problems.

“All the work being done shows how NASA is uniquely equipped to aid in the federal response to coronavirus by leveraging the ingenuity of our workforce, mobilising investments made in the U.S. space agency to combat this disease, and working with public and private partnerships to maximise results.”

In early April , NASA launched an agency wide call for ideas on its internal crowdsourcing platform [email protected] for how the agency can leverage its expertise and capabilities to help the nation with this unprecedented crisis. 

In just two weeks, 250 ideas were submitted, more than 500 comments were submitted, and more than 4,500 votes were cast. 

In addition to the [email protected] challenge, the agency workforce developed ideas and worked with partners to quickly respond to the health crisis within the last month. 

These ideas included: the VITAL Ventilator – a high-pressure ventilator tailored specifically to treat COVID-19 patients, the Aerospace Valley Positive Pressure Helmet – an oxygen helmet to treat COVID-19 patients exhibiting minor symptoms and minimise the need for use of ventilators and a Surface Decontamination System.