Nike Launches Nike Fit

Sports brand Nike has launched its latest digital campaign which aims to ensure that people across the globe are wearing the correct shoe size. 

According to Nike three in five people are wearing the wrong size shoe and over 500,000 people complain about buying the wrong shoe size every year in the US. 

Nike Fit aims to combat this by digitally analysing your foot size. The app usesa proprietary combination of computer vision, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and recommendation algorithms. 

When using the Nike app to purchase footwear you will now get the option to try Nike Fit when choosing your shoe size. 

By using the camera on your smart phone, the app will scan your feet and then suggest a size based on the information collected called the ‘best fit for you’. 

Nike have said that they hope Nike Fit will improve the way the company designs, manufactures, and sells shoes. 

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