Nike Provides a 'New Brand Identity' for NFL Team LA Rams

A team of Nike graphic designers has spearheaded a campaign to provide new uniforms for the Los Angeles Rams. 

The new designs feature an updated brand identity that was announced by the franchise earlier in March.

Steve McClard, senior design director within Nike Field Sports, said: “As a design group, we talked with the Rams about the values and themes that they felt were closest to the organization; both the team identity and uniforms were inspired by those conversations.” 

“This partnership was unique in that we worked with the Rams to build the identity and the new uniforms simultaneously.

“It frees our team to design boldly, and we can also tap into a special expertise of ours, which is being true fans of the game.”

The Rams’ new wordmarks appears on the jersey chests along with multiple updates to the team graphics and colours, like a modern ram’s horn on the helmet and a more vibrant palette of blue and yellow. 

The bone jersey will be the first non-traditional white uniform in the league.

The royal jersey features gradient detailing on the chest and down the pant. 

On the bone jersey, exposed stitching appears on the sleeve cap and around the wordmark to add crafted touches.