Shinola Evolves its Leading Timepiece

Shinola, the Detroit based luxury design brand that specialises in timepieces has updated its most well-known watch, the Runwell.

The brand-new Runwell Automatic is the first of Shinola’s watches to feature automatic movement. 

Product Development Director, Chelsea Russell, said: “We wanted to make it feel recognizable, but also not take the same thing and just change what’s inside. 

“I’ve heard people say how lucky we are to have a flagship like the Runwell. 

“It can take years to build that so it’s scary to evolve and change that because you have something so precious.

“We wanted to do a printed dial on the Runwell Automatic to keep it more approachable and not make it super dressy.”

Shinola Evolves its Leading Timepiece

The Runwell Automatic will feature a domed window on the case back and Swiss automatic movement as well as the original classic stainless-steel case. 

Watch Design Director Greg Verras, said: “The Jeep Wrangler evolution is a great precedent. 

“They successfully updated their icon while sticking to their core values. They made it feel familiar but took the next step in its evolution.

“We never thought we’d get rid of the case back plate, it was such a surprise when we launched the original. 

“Instead we kept the element of surprise—a beautiful domed and polished case back with a sapphire window to show the movement.

“I think the mantra that we used was ‘Don’t screw it up.’”

Senior Watch Designer Molly Wang said: “Design is a process of editing. Only after many rounds of prototypes are you confident you’re on the right track.”

Shinola Evolves its Leading Timepiece

The Shinola Runwell Automatic is available from www.shinola.comand retails at £905.