Sony Introduces Huge 8k TV

Sony has revealed the pricing for its new flagship MASTER Series televisions, along with other new LCD and OLED TV models, announced earlier this year at CES 2019.

These premium televisions will be equipped with processing power to deliver picture quality that authentically replicates the creator’s intent.

Possibly the most impressive TV announced by the Japanese electronics company is the Sony MASTER Series Z9G 8k HDR TV which comes in at an insane 97.5 inches. 

Sony has developed this tv to better meet consumer demand for larger screens. 

Sony is introducing extra resolution with its first consumer 8k television in the Z9G TV, exclusively powered by its acclaimed X1 Ultimate processor. 

Optimised to handle the 33 million pixels of 8k, this processor plays a vital role in delivering the high-quality picture in the MASTER Series family. 

The Picture Processor X1 Ultimate has a unique algorithm specially developed for 8k that can detect and analyse each object in the picture. 

Coupled with new intelligent technologies like Backlight Master Drive with full-array local dimming, and 8k X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, the Z9G’s super-large picture is matched with exceptional detail and accuracy for a stunning 8k viewing experience. 

Additionally, the Z9G series will have support for Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit later this year.

The Z9G will retail at $70,000.

Sony Introduces Huge 8k TV

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