Sustainability from KAIDA Salvaged Wood Designs

When KAIDA founder Thomas Lutazi first visited Manaus, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Amazonas, he was not expecting to reconnect to his love for woodworking.

But Manaus, home to over 500,000 members of indigenous tribes from the surrounding rainforest, soon became a frequent travel destination for Lutazi who came to befriend many local artisans. 

This is the origin of KAIDA Salvaged Wood Designs, which launched this past year in NYC. KAIDA is not just another company producing luxury wood objects and furniture.

Founded with the core belief that every business decision contains ethical ramifications, KAIDA has invested significant time and resources into guaranteeing their products are sustainable while providing traceability and process transparency.

“It’s not enough for businesses to say they’re sustainable,” says Lutazi, “they need to do and show their homework as well.” 

KAIDA does just that, as all of their materials are hand-selected from already uprooted Amazonian trees via a walkthrough of the rainforest floor.

Their newest series, KAIDA DINING, pairs table bases crafted from salvaged Amazonian tree trunks with glass tabletops suspended by customized aluminum-brushed hardware.

The series connects artisans from the Amazonian rainforest where the trunks are salvaged to Brooklyn’s Grain Control where the tables are finalized and made-to-order.

As an immigrant and recent U.S. citizen, Lutazi understands the importance of positively connecting cultures.

“The city of Manaus represents the polarity of modernity and tradition co-existing and colliding.

It was very important to me when starting KAIDA to support artisans in Manaus through fair share compensation as well as connect them and their work to resources in Brooklyn.”

KAIDA not only promotes the local Brazilian economy by supporting the indigenous artisanal communities, it also provides pre-treated, geographically certified salvaged wood materials to designers, makers, and architects in the U.S.

Recently featured at the French-American Chamber of Commerce Sustainability & Innovation Forum, KAIDA advocates for businesses to commit to investing in sustainability, especially when it comes to sourcing wood and creating products that prevent disruption of the delicate ecological balance of the rainforests.

There are currently seven individually handcrafted, ethically salvaged KAIDA DINING tables available.

To learn more about KAIDA and their additional salvaged wood product offerings, conscious consumers can visit