Ski Trip Back In Time With "Gray Malin in Aspen"

Fine art photographer Gray Malin has teamed up with The Little Nell to debut his latest series – Gray Malin in Aspen – highlighting the glamour and exclusivity of vintage Aspen ski culture.

The Little Nell has always embodied the quintessential Aspen experience that is cosmopolitan yet intimate, modern yet timeless.

In true Gray Malin fashion, the series honors the beloved ski town and its only five-star, five-diamond property, recreating a vintage wonderland as imagined through Gray’s contemporary lens.

During a week-long shoot, Gray crafted scenes of Alpine society and moments that make Aspen Snowmass an iconic destination. 

Featuring playfully positioned models in classic ski wardrobes and luxury vintage props, the series evokes memories of the ski culture of yesteryear. From private jets to extravagant fur coat vignettes, Gray captures the après-ski aesthetic across several generations of this snowy mecca.

This is Gray’s first ski-specific retro collection of on-the-ground images, transporting viewers into a world of wintery opulence.

Other prominent Aspen locations in this series include Buckhorn Cabin, Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro, and Lift 1A.

“I am thrilled to have worked with The Little Nell on this special photo series,” says Gray Malin.

“My goal was to capture a vintage perspective on the undeniable glamour of this location while conveying the sense of exclusivity that is synonymous with Aspen’s ski community.

“Styling vintage props and clothing from the 1950s-1980s against the stunning winter backdrops of Aspen was something out of a dream – I could feel the nostalgia in each photograph.” 

“In celebrating The Little Nell’s 30th anniversary this ski season, we knew we wanted to evoke memories from treasured times over the years,” says Jonathan Fillman, General Manager of The Little Nell.

“We could not think of a better way to bring visions of the past to life than with this collaboration with Gray Malin.

“He perfectly captures the hotel’s storied history and the skiing culture of Aspen.”

Aligned with the philanthropic nature of The Little Nell and its parent company Aspen Snowmass, 10% of website sales from Gray Malin in Aspen will be donated to Protect Our Winters (POW).

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