The Golf Clubs Featuring Artificial Intelligence

The Company Behind Jailbreak Technology Introduces Ground-breaking Face Technology Created Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Callaway Golf Company, an industry leader in golf equipment and innovative performance technologies, has announced the Epic Flash Drivers and Epic Flash Fairway Woods, featuring the Company’s revolutionary new Flash Face Technology.

The new premium performance clubs will be available at golf retailers nationwide on February 1, 2019.

Flash Face’s sophisticated architecture was created by Artificial Intelligence and “Machine Learning,” a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to “learn” with data without being explicitly programmed.

Through Machine Learning, computers cycled through 15,000 face architecture iterations, learning from each one, before arriving at Flash Face.

The Golf Clubs Featuring Artificial Intelligence

Callaway Golf Announces Epic Flash Drivers And Fairway Woods Featuring Flash Face Technology, Developed With Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps more importantly, this design might have never been arrived at without AI; the design defies convention.

The Flash Face’s unique, internal mapping consists of dozens of subtle ripples flowing from heel to toe.

These ripples work together cohesively to elevate COR in the face’s centre region.

That accomplishment results in a significant ball speed boost for a noticeable distance increase when you make solid contact, helping make your longest drives go even longer.

The Epic Flash driver also incorporates revolutionary Jailbreak technology that promotes fast, face-wide speed.

The two internal, hourglass-shaped Jailbreak bars connect the crown to the sole, stabilizing and stiffening those two parts at impact, allowing the face to take on greater impact load to generate faster ball speed.

Together, Flash Face and Jailbreak make the Epic Flash one of the most innovative and technologically advanced drivers in Callaway history.