The Hubless Electric Roadster from Verge Motorcycles

According to lead designer Teemu Saukkio, Verge Motorcycles is a company that pushes the boundaries of design and functionality within the motorcycle industry.

Following this ethic, the company has developed an exciting new electric roadster, the Verge TS.

Featuring a unique integrated rim motor that achieves a peak power of 80 kW and produces 1000 Nm of torque. The TS will accelerate up to a limited top speed of 180 km/h. 

No chain, no oil, and tire changes can be completed using conventional tools. These attributes give TS riders a powerful and care-free experience, in a combination never seen before.

The TS can achieve 200-300 km of riding, depending on riding style. 

The onboard charger reaches 100% in 4 hours and with DC fast charging, 45-50 minutes. 

As the TS was designed to be an electric motorcycle from the ground up, the lightweight, unique, aluminium frame can accommodate a large battery while keeping the overall weight of the bike low. 

Saukkio went on to say: “As the world is on the Verge of electrification, we want to give riders a truly unique experience. 

“Whether it is at a red light or cruising down motorways, Verge motorcycles will stand out from the crowd.” 

The Verge TS will range from €24,990 and is available for pre-order here for €2,000.