The Hype-Hunter Review: The Witcher

Here we go all, it’s time to talk about the Netflix runaway hit, The Witcher. I’m so excited to give my thoughts so I want to dive right in and begin talking about some of the main characters of the show. 

As goes without saying, spoilers for the show are scattered throughout this review so continue at your own risk. 

Firstly, Henry Cavill, who plays the titular character of the Witcher was picked to perfection.

His size, voice and expressions were on point as he mimicked the character of Geralt of Rivia who was created all those years ago by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

Geralt is a man of few words in the beginning so it took me a few moments to decide whether or not I liked him, but after a short while I made my mind up. The casting of his character was hugely successful in my eyes. 

Another character I liked even more than Geralt was Queen Calanthe. Her character was for me the best in the show. 

A queen of fury and confidence, yet in many a scene we see a tear in her eye and a blast of uncontrollable aggression. 

It’s hard to give a character that many personality traits and have them become successful in the story, yet in this instance, it worked perfectly. I found myself extremely interested in her story. Her faction, her relations and her family all grabbed at my attention. 

The shows creators were even kind enough to give us a barbaric battle right at the beginning. The realistic warfare and graphic gore made it intensely effective on the viewer. 

Another great moment of violence was Geralt’s pursuit of the mysterious Renfri. He made a game out of slaughtering her band of mouthy men without so much as gaining a sweat. 

Each kill was brilliant, the choreography should be applauded. However, I felt Renfri to be a good character with a story that could have been further developed. Making her death premature and pointless, one of the only things I can criticise throughout. 

With Queen Calanthe’s death came a brilliant twist. I was confused at first when we see her and her King fall in the battle against the invading Nilfgaard. The Producers were clever enough to drop her back in often enough, hinting at the split storyline system. 

It wasn’t until episode 4, when I actually realised what I as witnessing. Two separate storylines intertwined and destined to connect, yet one is set over a decade before the other. Genius, just genius.

I think we will see a long and successful series with The Witcher. Already we have been introduced to multiple realms, each with their own Kings and armies. 

We also got to see a glimpse the Elves and with it a taster of their history. As we have all learnt from watching previous series, little drops of history always insinuate a long story. 

Could we maybe see the Elves retaking what they lost in future seasons? Their King Filavandrel talks about the great cleansing were most of his race was killed and enslaved, so we can be sure to see some vengeance on his part. 

One of the Kings that we did get to see a little bit of was King Foltest, we shared in his story of incest and demonic daughter before seeing him arrive at the battle between the sorcerers and the Nilfgaard legions in the finale. 

We weren’t blessed with his involvement just yet, but I can predict a very exciting premier episode in season 2. 

With that many factions including the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, races and nations to consider throughout the show, I’m predicting a blown-up civil war upon the continent. 

Overall, I can say I was very impressed with the series. Probably the best I have watched since Game of Thrones. 

Its clever split story system and the spicyness of characters such as Jaskier, the power and potential of the beautiful Yennifer and the battles promised to come have certainly catapulted this show to the top of the pile. 

I can honestly say I am looking forward to the next season.


Thanks for reading.