The Iconic Chesterfield Sofa

The iconic Chesterfield sofa is one of the most recognisable pieces of furniture in the world, with its low buttoned down back and high arms, complete in a luxurious leather finish. 

This classic design is reminiscent of the 18thCentury gentleman’s clubs and stately homes, surrounded by the upper-classes, smoking cigars and decorated in prestigious attire.

If you close your eyes you can picture the setting.

Today, you can find the Chesterfield sofa in hotel lobbies, offices and exquisite city apartments. You are guaranteed to find one of these highly-sought after, multicultural pieces in every corner of the globe. 

The Chesterfield style is said to have been originally commissioned by the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Philip Stanhope (1694-1773), from a craftsman designing a piece of furniture that would not crease the Earl’s suits. 

As the style became more popular, the Chesterfield found its way into prestigious, wealthy homes with luxurious leather and velvet upholstery to match the grandeur of the décor.

These fabrications of the Chesterfield sofa are a still very popular in the production of the sofas today and are associated with being part of the quintessential Chesterfield look. 

Today the timeless design remains a classic staple for homes with modern adaptations in a plethora of textures and prints making a statement. 

Chesterfields around the world

The Iconic Chesterfield Sofa
Image: Architectural Digest

Take a look at the vintage Chesterfield in this Mumbai family home. 

Recently featured in the Architectural Digest, this desirable home with modern twists features experimental textures and pieces from around the world. 

To give their Mumbai home a distinct identity, the clients approached Khushboo and Kunal Khandelwal, co-founders of Design Inc. mixing old and new interior styles. 

The vibe of the place is accentuated by the leather Westminster sofas from Timothy Oulton, a popular leather Chesterfield style sofa that highlights vintage and luxury surrounded by a selection of exquisite furniture pieces. 

Injecting the Chesterfield into your home

The Iconic Chesterfield Sofa
Image: Sofas & Stuff

The elite-feel sofa can be brought into your home with blends of neutral tones or as a statement. Pinterest showcases some of the world’s most luxurious interiors with Chesterfield sofas at the heart of the living room. 

Modern styles of the Chesterfield sofa find velvet and other upholstery fabrications to be very popular, rather than the classic leather. 

Discover neutral hues of beiges and nudes are taking pride of place in glamorous homes whereas pops of solar orange to teal blues make statements in more contemporary décor. 

Whether your living room is in a traditional property or a modern apartment, the deep buttoning and stud detailing can make an impact on your home.