The Louvre Undergoes Optical Illusion Transformation

In celebration of the Louvre’s symbolic glass pyramid’s 30thanniversary, French artist JR has transformed the ‘Cour Napoléon’ with an optical illusion piece of art.

The installation began production on 26 March and took three days to complete. 

JR, whose real identity is unconfirmed, is famous for using large monotone photographic images to transform public locations. 

On Twitter, JR the artist, said: “The images, like life, are ephemeral. 

“Once pasted, the art piece lives on its own. The sun dries the light glue and with every step, people tear pieces of the fragile paper. 

“The process is all about participation of volunteers, visitors, and souvenir catchers.”

This new piece forms part of an installation named ‘The Secret of the Great Pyramid’ and was honoured by the artist for the passing of his close friend Agnès Varda.

Varda was a famous director, photographer and installation artist who died on 29 March 2019. 

In tribute to his late friend, JR said: “I finished this one for you Agnès Varda, you loved people, pasting and illusion. 

“I am sure you can see it. I did something that can be seen from the sky. 

“Promised, I didn’t know that it was for you” 

The Louvre Pyramid was commission by French PresidentFrançois Mitterrand in 1984 and was designed by American artist I. M. Pei.