The World's Only "Electrically" Heated Sleeping Bags

PDG Summit Gear GmbH Inc. today announced the world’s most technologically advanced electrically heated sleeping bags.

PDG Summit Gear’s designed, engineered and tested sleeping bags endure all environmental challenges you may meet, combining the finest, ultra-light materials, water-resistant components, setup with a nanoengineered rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and our carbon fiber heating technology.

The ultra-thin and ultra-light honeycomb carbon fiber ensures long life, flexibility and dependability.

This engineering means no bulky or uncomfortable wires, thus ensuring maximum comfort without the unnecessary weight.

“PDG Summit Gear’s heated sleeping bags begin a new chapter in the way we relate to outdoor gear technology and we think our customers are going to love it,” said Armen Lucius, PDG’s President.

“Our newly developed sleeping bags are styled and designed by outdoor engineers and enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts.”

PDG Summit Gear GmbH Inc.® began with a straightforward philosophy: the relentless pursuit of innovation and performance for revolutionary outdoor technologies.

The engineering we employ while pursuing this goal is similarly single-minded. Our team designs, engineers and manufactures a select portfolio of “exceptional” electrically heated sleeping bag systems.